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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

Teaching Staff

OLOL's Teaching Staff

Picture 1 Mrs M. Bickerstaff - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr A. Doherty - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs M. Fogarty - Business Manager/Leadership Team
Picture 4 Mrs N. Ellement - Leadership Team
Picture 5 Ms A. Cislo - SENco(mat cover)Leadership Team
Picture 6 Mrs A. Ross - Nursery Lead/EAL Support
Picture 7 Mr M. Rodney - Y6 Teacher/Jnr Maths Lead
Picture 1 Mrs M. Hopkins - Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 2 Mrs M. Manesh - Nursery Nurse
Picture 3 Miss T. Padden - Reception Class Teacher/IPC lead
Picture 4 Mrs J. Szymczak - Reception Teaching Support
Picture 5 Ms J. Melvin - Y1 Class Teacher
Picture 6 Ms R. Johns - Y1 transition support teacher
Picture 7 Ms A. Delaney - Y2 Class Teacher/Infant Maths Lead
Picture 8 Mrs A. Duncan - Y2 Teaching Support
Picture 9 Mrs J. Sumney - Interventions
Picture 10 Ms A. Peneau - Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs M. Sweeney - Y3 Teaching Support
Picture 12 Ms. K. Phelan - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs S. O'Neill - Y4 Teaching Assistant/Lead TA
Picture 14 Ms J. Belmonte - Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 15 Ms M. Marin - Y5 Teaching Support/Jnr Spanish
Picture 16 Mr M. Cornish - Computing Specialist Teacher