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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Peter Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


My name is Miss Obilaso and working alongside me in Year 1 are 

Mrs Szymczak and Ms. John.



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Year 1 have been looking at the Famous Painter Claude Monet. Year 1 focused on the painting 'Flood Water'. We have used the painting to write stories and even had a go at using water colours to paint it.

Today we went outside and look at the variety of plants within our school grounds. We looked at what the plants needed to grow and the structure of a plant.

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Today we had a maths Easter egg hunt it was so much fun. The children had to find the Easter eggs and work out the answer to win points! Well done to Darius and Rolake who answered 16 correct questions!

Our trip to the Cinema - The children really enjoyed the cinema experience relating to our topic 'Media Magic'. We watched the film 'Captain Underpants' which made us all laugh. Thank you to the parents who came along !

This week the children looked at fractions. We made pizzas and cut them into halves and quarters.

Science Week - Year 1 were looking at what happens when vinegar and food colouring are added to warm milk. The children made predictions and were surprised at the results.

We are continuing looking at the Author Julia Donaldson. We are focusing on poetry and are retelling the poem 'Handy Work'. The children have been following talk for writing and retelling the poem through story maps, creating their own rhyming verses on to it.

World Book Day. Today the children came dressed up as their favorite book character! Well done to Alexander (Thomas the Tank Engine) and Elora (Matilda) for winning the best home made costume. Year 4 came to our class and took it in turns to read to one another.

This week year 1 are looking at 3d shapes. We are sorting them out into a Venn diagram and looking at their properties.

This week year 1 are looking at 3d shapes. We are sorting them out into a Venn diagram and looking at their properties.  1

Today we looked at the meaning of the word Media. The children shared different examples of the media that they use. We watched a clip of News round and discussed the purpose of the news. The children took a walk around the school, reporting on what they had seen in the other classrooms and outside. We then wrote about the news we had collected from our walk. Finally the children recorded their news, using the IPad.

Healthy eating week. As part of the healthy eating week, year 1 have been making smoothies! We wrote a list of ingredients we would need and then instructions on how to make smoothies. The children really enjoyed trying new fruits (Blood oranges). Furthermore, we also designed our own eat well plates using water colours!

Our new topic for IPC this half term is called 'Media Magic. The children watched a short movie clip (we had popcorn too!) and made predictions as to what would happen in the second half.

Our new topic for IPC this half term is called 'Media Magic. The children watched a short movie clip (we had popcorn too!) and made predictions as to what would happen in the second half.  1

We have come to the end of the topic 'Myths and Legends'. The children created their own Greek pots and have carved the story of 'Pandora's Box' on the inside and outside.

The children enjoyed the visit from Brother Alejandro, he talked about the book of Exodus. The children had lots of questions to ask him.

In Science today we were focusing on our senses. In the magical box there were objects that the children had to smell, taste, touch and listen to in order to identify what it was. Year 1 did not like the smell of coffee !

We are continuing looking at the Author Julia Donaldson. This week we read the story 'The Gruffalo child'. In the afternoon we created our own Gruffalo masks to retell the story.

Reading Corner - The children enjoyed having some quiet time yesterday in the reading corner. The children would like to say a thank you to the PTA, for all their new reading books they have received this term.



In literacy we are learning about Florence Nightingale. Today we are looking at the thoughts and feelings of Florence Nightingale. One of the children pretended to be Florence, the others said what she was thinking as she walked down the ally.

Year 1 Spring Curriculum Letter - Information about what the children will be learning throughout the spring term.

In Literacy we are focusing on the Author Julia Donaldson, we are currently reading the book Tyrannosaurus Drip and retelling the story through Drama.

Body Parts - In Science we are looking at the different parts of the human body. The children labelled the body parts of their classmate and found out different parts of the body and their functions.

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Year 1 dressed and ready to perform the Nativity Play.

Year 1 and 2 trip to Brent Museum - Year 1 and 2 visited Brent museum and took part in a workshop, it involved looking at toys from the past. We also looked around the museum and saw toys that children played with in WW1 and WW2. The children played with the toys and enjoyed looking at the different materials that they were made from. They also enjoyed figuring out how they moved, as some of the toys were up to a 100 years old! We had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about how toys have developed over the years.

Fire Fighters visit to the school - The Fire Fighters came into the school this week on Monday. They talked about their role and what to do if there is a fire. The children really enjoyed looking at the fire equipment and sitting inside the fire truck.

Y1 Curriculum

Police Visit - We are continuing to look at different jobs and the roles they have within our community. Today a Police Officer came in to speak to the children about the role of a Police Officer . The children were really intrigued to find out what the lady does within the force and how she catches the 'Bad Guys'.

We are continuing looking at the different jobs that people do. This time we looked closer at the jobs around us and the many jobs that people do within the school. We spoke to some of the people who worked in the school. The children asked lots of questions about what they do, finding out some interesting information about the jobs within Our Lady of Lourdes

Year 1 have been looking at the Book Nora. The Author, Andrew Weale came into our class today and read two of his stories. The children loved listening to the stories and finding out about Andrew's life. Thank you for coming into year 1 !!

Our topic this term is 'A Day in the Life'. The children were thinking about what jobs people do.