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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Paul Year 2

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to Year Two!  I am Mrs Kent and I will be teaching Year Two this year, working with Miss John and Miss Duncan.  We are all very excited about the year ahead.

The Nativity

Here are some photographs from our wonderful performance.  Well done, Year Two!  You were AMAZING!!

Christmas Hats

We all made beautiful Christmas hats to wear at our Christmas lunch.


Christmas Decorations

We have been making decorations for the Christmas Fayre.  We can't wait to see them in Santa's Grotto!


We Love Reading!

We love reading in our Book Corner and Library.  Thank you to all of the parents and family members who continue to read with the children at home and sign their reading records.  It makes such a difference to the children's progress.  Mrs Bickerstaff awarded a special Head Teacher's award to a member of our class who has worked hard to improve her reading and who makes sure that her reading record is in school and signed every day.


Fire Safety Talk

We received a visit from the London Fire Brigade, who told us lots of ways to stay safe.  We learnt some very important lessons.


Attendance Award

Well done, Year Two!  You received the special silver cup because you all came to school last week and you had 100% attendance!  This is an excellent achievement.  Let's keep up the good work.

Picture 1

Victorian Toys

We had a lovely afternoon making Victorian toys and exploring Victorian art.  It was a great end to our British History topic.

Preparing for Advent

We have been thinking about how we prepare for this special time of year.  We began by thinking about all of the gifts we have been given by God.  We also wrote promises to show that we will try our best to be Advent People.  We enjoyed welcoming Brother Julian back into our classroom and loved singing along with his beautiful guitar playing.  

Trip to the Library - Exploring

Years One and Two enjoyed a fabulous trip to Willesden Green Library.  We had some time to enjoy exploring and reading some new books before taking part in a drama workshop called "Travels Across Africa."  This was a lovely end to our recent project and we learnt so many  new facts.  The children's behaviour was excellent and we were very grateful for the support from parents. 

Trip to the Library - Drama Workshop


Judaism Week

This week, we have been learning about Judaism and we tasted some food which has special meaning for Jewish people.  We drank grape juice and learnt about challah bread, which is eaten on the Jewish sabbath.  We also tried some matzo crackers.

Investigating Shapes

We have been learning about 2d shapes and finding lines of symmetry.  As you can see, there was lots of concentration during the lesson!  Can you find any more lines of symmetry in the shapes in our pictures?

Writing to the Duchess of Sussex

Before half term, we wrote letters to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, because she reminded us of the characters in the books we have been reading.  During half term, Mrs Kent went to the post office and sent the letters to Clarence House.  Now we are waiting to see if we receive a reply!


Letter Writing - Imani's Moon

We have loved reading the book "Imani's Moon," by Jaynay Wood-Brown.  We enjoyed the book so much, that the children worked together to compose an e-mail to her in California.  Mrs Kent sent it from her computer later that day.  A week later, we were delighted to receive a very interesting reply from her.  She told us a bit more about the book and also answered our question.  You can read our e-mail and her reply here.

Praying the Rosary

We have been very busy in RE this week.  Brother Julian taught us all about using the Rosary to pray.  Read on to find what else we have been doing . . .


We have been learning the story of Moses.  The children remembered lots of details from Year One and we created figures of different characters so that we could act out the story using Godly Play.


The children wrote some lovely prayers for homework last week.  We have also been learning the Glory Be in our RE lessons.  

Story Time

The children enjoyed a lovely story with Miss Lewis, who read one of her favourite books - "The Jolly Postman."

Emotions - How Do You Feel?

As part of our IPC topic, we played a game about the different emotions we feel.  We imagined how we might feel at different times and took some pictures.  Can you guess how we are feeling?

Year Two Parliament Members

Mrs O'Neill presented our two Member of Parliament with their new badges.  We know they will do an excellent job of representing the class.

Well done, St Paul's Class!

We had a very successful Celebration Assembly this morning.  Mrs Kent was very proud to read out the "Writer of the Week," work from a member of Year Two.  Punch has joined us in class to celebrate our winning punctuality.  Well done to everyone for coming to school on time every day.  We also won Mrs Ellement's learning award for the second week running!  Mrs Kent, Miss Duncan and Miss John are very proud of you all.  Keep up the good work!

Beautiful Babies!

Our IPC topic this half term is "All About Me."  The children brought in photographs of themselves as babies and we had a competition to see if we could guess who was who.  A big "thank you" to all of the families who supported this activity and shared their photographs with us.  It was a lovely afternoon and the children really enjoyed it.

Pond Habitats

We continued to learn about micro habitats in Science by visiting our school pond and making sketches of animals and plants we observed.  We were delighted that Brother Julian was able to join us on his first visit to our class.

Literacy Learning

In Literacy, we have been reading two wonderful books.  "Amazing Grace" and "Imani's Moon" both tell stories of children who work hard to achieve something when other people have told them that it is impossible.  We have drawn story maps, collected powerful vocabulary and acted out our favourite scenes.

Maths Fun!

We have been enjoying learning about place value in our Maths lessons.  This week we have been ordering numbers.  We have also been learning our two times tables by singing and dancing along to a clip by Bridget the Lioness.  

Habitats - What do we need to survive?

This half term, our Science topic is "Habitats."  Today we learnt what animals need to survive; water, air, food and shelter.  We worked together as a class to create actions to help us remember this.  Can you guess which action is which?

We Are Year Two!

We have already started to have fun learning.  Take a look at some pictures of our first few days in Year Two.