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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Matthew Year 3

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Year 3



Welcome back to a new school year. We have had a very busy and exciting first week back already. It was wonderful to see so many new and excited faces starting in September. Ms. Sumney and I are really looking forward to working with your children to help them reach their full potential and I can already see that the children are eager to learn. I am looking forward to meeting you all over the coming year and thank you for your continued support. 
In Science we are looking at Magnets and Forces. We designed an experiment to test what kind of force was required to make the coins travel furthest. We tested different coins with a small force and measured the distance each of them had traveled, to see which went the furthest.
To end an incredibly exciting British History fortnight in school, we created some Celtic shields warriors would have used during the Celtic era. We used paints and cardboard to design and decorate them so we can use them when we next go into battle!!!!!

Walk To School

Walk To School 1
Year 3 recently won the Walk to School Award for the month of October. Over the whole month, we had the most children who consistently walked to school everyday making sure we stayed fit and healthy!!! Well done Year 3, keep it up!!!
This week to start our new IPC topic 'Chocolate' we became chocolate testers. We used our senses to smell, touch and finally taste different samples of chocolate, using the appropriate vocabulary to describe how the chocolate tasted. We even tried some crisps to sample the difference between sweet and savory foods. 
This week in school was Judaism week. Last Wednesday, Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to visit Wembley synagogue to learn all about the Jewish religion. They were greeted by the local Rabbi who invited them into the synagogue and spoke to them about important Jewish traditions. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and found it very interesting comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of Judaism and Christianity. 
Year 3 recently received a visit from Year 1 who wanted to share their artwork from their IPC topic 'Who Am I'. It was lovely see such beautiful artwork and to share information in order to learn more about each other. We look forward to working with Year 1 again. 

Pen License

Pen License 1
Congratulations to Shyann, Faithlee and Rayhan who were recently awarded a pen license. The standard of handwriting is becoming very high in Year 3 and I hope all of the class will keep up the good work. Remember, practise makes perfect, and hopefully by the end of the next half term we will have many more pen licenses to give to the children of Year 3. 
Today we looked at our 4x tables and used number lines to create number sentences to solve our times tables. After, we played Bingo using the number sentences we had created. We also looked at patterns in our different multiples in order to help us solve more challenging questions. 

Year 3 Class Assembly Video

Year 3 have been busy revising their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 since the beginning of the year. During our Figure it Out Friday session we helped Jack climb the beanstalk by putting our number bonds in pairs to 100 as quickly as possible.
This half term we are focusing on African authors and Year 3 have been looking at the Anansi stories from West African folklore. We have used these stories as an introduction to our topic on Myths, and today we read a variety of African mythological stories.