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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Francis Nursery

Welcome to the Spring Term 2018

                                                                                       Welcome to the Spring Term 2018 1




My name is Mrs Ross  the class teacher and  working alongside me  are Mrs Hopkins and Miss Corcoran.  Welcome to the First half of the Spring Term. Once again the nursery is bustling with activity as we prepare for this exciting term.

 Each nursery child is allocated a key worker who will be working closely with that child. Please come in and share your child's achievements as well as  finding out how they are progressing. From this week beginning the 29th January 2018 parents are invited to our Stay and Play sessions. You will have the opportunity to play with your child and find out how they are progressing. Parents may choose to observe a lesson if they wish.(Maths or Phonics) Please sign the form on the nursery noticeboard to confirm your appointment. We look forward to seeing you as we work in close partnership to support our children.


 Our Home reading is continuing.Please support us by spending some time to share the story with your child and  remember to fill in the reading folder with a brief comment on your child's response to the book.


  Our new topic for RE this half term  is Being a Sacramental People.

The new IPC topic is Food. The children will be learning all about food.

They will: -Set up a cafe in the classroom

               -Cook all kinds of food and watch how it changes

               - Make pictures of food

               - Use food to print with

               - Find out where food comes from

               -Grow some food 

IPC WORK - Lets Pretend. We made masks and pretended to be animals.

Making porridge for The Three Bears.

Cultural Week- We learnt about: FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FROM JAMAICA

We are so happy. Do you know why? We love food and are about to fry some plantains.

                                            We are about to taste some tropical fruits.

Last term we had a live author in our school. His name?  Andrew Weale. He visited the nursery and read two of his books to the children. They listened and participated with great enthusiasm.

 We want to foster a love of books in our children so please read to them each night and support our reading scheme.


Our RE topic  for the first half of the Autumn term was Beginnings.The children learnt about themselves, their families and their new school within the context of the wider Parish and Church.


The IPC  topic was Family and Friends. During the course of the theme the children  learnt about the similarities and differences between each other.They  learnt a little about the family backgrounds of their classmates, but mainly they  learnt about being part of a new group of people and making new relationships.


Live author photos- with Andrew Weale

In RE we have been learning to say the daily prayers and making the sign of the cross. 

We are enjoying our new play area.

Exploring colours on our computer program Busy things.

We are learning to develop fine motor skills. Look at the way we are using our scissors. We love cutting paper .

We  enjoy listening to stories and looking at books.