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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

Pupil Groups

Picture 1 Prime Minister
Picture 2 Deputy Prime Minister

The Education Secretaries

The Education Secretaries 1
The Education Secretaries 2

The Foreign Ministers

The Foreign Ministers 1
The Foreign Ministers 2

Environmental Officers

Environmental Officers 1
Environmental Officers 2

Health and Safety Ministers

Health and Safety Ministers 1
Health and Safety Ministers 2

The Media Team

The Media Team 1
The Media Team 2

Our Lady of Lourdes’ School Parliament

We are the School Parliament which are led by our democratically elected Prime Minister and other members of parliament. Other cabinet roles include a minister for education and a Health and Safety Officer.

Each class from Year 1- 6 elected two members at the beginning of the year to be their Parliament representatives who attend Parliament meetings in St. Anne’s room. At these meetings we raise issues that are important to us before going back to ask the opinions of our class mates. We then take these opinions back to our Parliament meetings where they are discussed before final decisions are made.

Another important role played by our Parliament is when we help to interview new staff members. Our views are listened to by our Headteacher, Mrs. Bickerstaff, and we get to write our own questions to ask each candidate. Mrs Ellement will confirm that we take this role very seriously and ask precise questions. Our Parliament is an active group and we take tremendous pride in representing our peers and making a real difference to life in our wonderful school.

Junior Librarians

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

OLOL Librarians from Year Five are enjoying assisting our school Librarian with keeping the smooth running of the library. 


Their roles and responsibilities include:


-tidying the shelves.

-putting books back onto the shelves.

-adding new books to the library.

-ensuring that books are placed back in the correct place and manner.

-alerting the librarian of any damaged books.


These pupils give up some of their lunchtimes to complete their jobs. They take their roles and responsibilities very seriously and we are very proud of the job that they are doing so far. 

OLOL Librarians working hard

OLOL Librarians working hard 1

Our Junior Librarians have been working extremely hard at relabelling all the books in the library and putting them back on the shelves in strict alphabetical order.

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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

‘Mini Vinnies’ is the name for a St Vincent de Paul Group for primary aged children. The focus in OLOL school is to help others in need within our school community. Mini Vinnies meet frequently to share and plan ideas for how together they can help those in need in our local community. They enjoy their roles and are proud to be following in the footsteps of Christ, showing their compassion to serve others. Each pupil recognises the importance of their role and is dedicated to taking their first steps to becoming possible 'Vincentians for life.'


At the end of last academic year, in a meeting, The Mini Vinnies read through applications from the Y2 pupils that aspired to be Mini Vinnies. Through much discussion and deliberation, they finally came to the decision for which two pupils would join the Mini Vinnies in Year 3. In our first celebration assembly, these two Y3 pupils received a certificate and a prayer card and they had to say the Mini Vinnie Pledge in front of the whole school to show their commitment to the group. They are enjoying being Mini Vinnies and have a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how important their roles are.