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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

Pupil Groups

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Our Lady of Lourdes’ School Parliament

We are the School Parliament which are led by our democratically elected primeminister and other members of parliament. Other cabinet roles include a chancellor and a minister for education.

Each class from Year 1- 2 elected two members at the beginning of the year to be their Parliament representatives who attend Parliament meetings in St. Anne’s room. At these meetings we raise issues that are important to us before going back to ask the opinions of our class mates. We then take these opinions back to our Parliament meetings where they are discussed before final decisions are made.

Another important role played by our Parliament is when we help to interview new staff members. Our views are listened to by our Headteacher, Mrs. Bickerstaff, and we get to write our own questions to ask each candidate. Mrs Ellement will confirm that we take this role very seriously and ask precise questions just as we did when he applied for the job as Deputy Head! Our Parliament is an active group and we take tremendous pride in representing our peers and making a real difference to life in our wonderful school.



Bike It Crew!


We encourage and promote children and adults to cycle! Over the last two years we worked very hard to reduce the number of people taking the car to school and increase the number of people riding their bikes. There are now more Our Lady of Lourdes pupils than ever riding their bike to and from school. We also managed to get a grant for 7 new bikes which were used as part of an after school bike club. The next goal is to win a grant for a new bike shed in the Key Stage 1 playground as we are struggling to find space to store all of our bikes...


For the past two years we have taken part in ‘The Big Pedal’ where, for two weeks, every child and adult at school is encouraged to cycle as part of a nationwide competition. Throughout these two weeks we run a golden lock competition where we place a golden lock on a bike randomly and the owner receives a prize when they approach us to unlock the bike. This has been so successful that we don't make the golden lock competition just once a year, but now once a week!


We have a two leaders, our Bike It Champion attached to our school, Mrs O' Neill,  and our Sanstran Leader, Alison Litherland, who helps us organise wonderful events to promote cycling. 

OLOL Librarians

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